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For Adults Online Training

The Present is a new style of eight-week course to introduce mindfulness and well-being to adults.The course focuses on encouraging friendly,mindful awareness towards experience in the midst of busy lives. The programme supports exploration, discovery and friendly awareness of how things are for each person in their life, introducing how a variety of mindfulness practices can be chosen to support well-being. It perhaps has particular relevance and application for people in our new social distancing lives.

Beginning April 20th , 2021.

Flyer The Present for Adults Online April 2021

For Primary Schools online
The Present is a Well-being and Mindfulness course for adults and children aged 3-12+ years old in a school setting. This training will give you the necessary confidence, skills and resources to share mindfulness, woven throughout the school day, connected to existing activities and learning, for yourself and the children you work with.