For Primary Schools

The Present Course for Primary Schools is a cumulative programme which enables primary schools to introduce mindfulness and well-being in an incremental way; supporting learning across the curriculum and throughout the primary school years. The programme has been developed by Sarah Silverton (mindfulness teacher, trainer and author), Tabitha Sawyer (primary school teacher and headteacher) and Dusana Dorjee (neuroscientist and author).

The Present Course for Primary Schools is designed for adults working with children (3-12+) in schools. It weaves learning about mindfulness, well-being and neuroscience into activities that typically take place throughout a school day, as well as at home.

The materials aim to develop:

  • metacognitive awareness,
  • attention regulation skills,
  • emotion regulation skills,
  • non-judgment and non-reactivity in relating to experience,
  • noticing and savouring positive experiences,
  • qualities of kindness and openness in relating to self and others.

To build understanding and skills for both adults and children, The Present materials offer a shared exploration of seven themes:

Here and Now   Focusing   Choosing   Connecting

Human Body   Human Mind   Noticing Change.

Learning about neuroscience, well-being and mindfulness is developed through story-telling, suggested practices for each theme, enquiry, and everyday activities such as eating, walking, relating to other people and even queuing! The emphasis is on how we do things rather than what we do and on experiential learning rather than that which is primarily conceptual.

The Present incorporates the latest evidence from neuroscience, including new understandings of brain development from the ages of 3 – 11, and the impact of mindfulness and attention on emotion regulation. In doing so, The Present programme recognises the evolving needs of children as they progress through their primary education and is relevant to each particular age, as they encounter the joys and trials of everyday life.

In recognition of the challenges and demands of the role of a primary school teacher, the materials are also offered in a way that is accessible to busy teachers and offers support to them, as well as the children.

There are three training routes:

  • 3 school-sized days at a school in your locality
  • Over a long weekend (Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Online training over 9 weeks.

You can also download information about The Present Course for Primary Schools.

If you are interested in organising training in The Present Course for Primary Schools, please read the following document:

The Present for Schools training team (alphabetically):

  • Andrea Baqai
  • Mariel Jones
  • Emma Naisbett
  • Katie Norfolk
  • Helen Marsh
  • Faiy Rushton
  • Sarah Silverton

The Present is designed to complement Paws b, we want to help people know which programme would suit them best at this point in their development and be clear about the differences to help them decide. As part of this commitment please refer to the attached document.